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What is Denebola?

Denebola is an Open Source(Apache License) Java EE view template system, which works like DHTML in server-side. Javascript (and other scripting languages) is used to manipulate 100% pure (X)HTML templates via CSS2 Selector to produce data-driven web pages.

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"My goal is to make a server side template system that completely separate view logic from structure and presentation, just works like unobtrusive Javascript separate behaviour from structure."
- Ivan Shi, Founder of Denebola

Features of Denebola

  • Java EE Servlet based
  • Standard CSS2 Selectors to locate HTML elements
  • Completely separate View Logic & Presentation
  • Scripting view logic in different scripts: Javascript, BeanShell...
  • Scripting view logic in Java Procedure to produce high performance applications
  • Concentrate on view template system
  • Easy to integrate with other web frameworks, Struts, Spring MVC etc.
  • Open Source, Commercial friendly